The Real Deal Difference

Our mission is to get money in the bank and keeping it there for our owners.  We don’t nickel and dime you with property management fees because just want you to be successful so you come back and buy more rental properties from us.

About Us

About Us

We want investors to have a place where they can find a full service management team they can trust.  Real Deal Mangers helps with tenant placement, property management, investment education, acquisition, maintenance, and rehab.

First, find the perfect rental in our management area; Greater Kansas City.  If you already have investment properties – great.  If not, don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out our available inventory at!

We built this property management business from the ground up with a focus on only what matters to investors. We care about what investors care about because that’s what we are. Reach out today for a consultation on any of our Property Management or Turnkey Rental Solutions.

We take all the headaches out of the asset management process because we know what you really need – and what you don’t.  When you let us manage your investment property, we treat it just like one of ours so you sleep comfortably knowing real professionals have your back

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Tam Lundgren

has managed and handled global project management, client and customer service for Fortune 500 companies and handled billion dollar deals. She has years of investment experience both personal and helping owners navigate investment property purchases. She is the head of leasing and is the primary contact  with our owners. If there is an issue, she will be there to help find a solution.

  • Global project management experience

  • Years of experience in turnkey investing

  • Head of Leasing and Owner Relations

Supporting Staff

Jaiden Owen
  • Years of experience with major turnkey companies

  • Tenant relations and maintenance coordination

  • Behind the scenes hero

Kalli Hofhines
  • Managed 200+ real estate transactions

  • Handled millions of dollars in transactions

  • Does… a little bit of everything